Label Young - Shocking Killing Homecare Set 1 set x 30 pcs

Brand from South Korea: Label Young. This Shocking Killing Homecare Set comes with: Morning Gwang 3g x 10 pcs Night Ggwack 3g x 10 pcs Mask Pack 16g x 10 pcs Benefits: This convenient homecare set provides skincare for AM, PM and before bed. Enriched with 99% botanical probiotics to strengthen the skin moisture barrier and maintains pH balance at 5-6 for healthy skin. Free from harmful ingredients including fluorescent brightener, formaldehyde and synthetic colors. Morning Gwang: Contains mineral water to replenish a burst of hydration for a bright and dewy skin. Helps to blend the base makeup seamlessly into the skin. Use in AM after cleansing. Night Ggwack: Infused with Royal Jelly Extract to provide rich nourishment and soothes the skin. Use in PM after cleansing. Mask Pack: The botanic fiber mask sheet closely adheres on the skin to deliver moisture, leaving a soft and supple skin the next morning. Apply before bed. How to use: 1. Morning Gwang and Night Ggwack: Take a desired amount and gently massage into the skin. 2. Mask Pack: After applying a genorous amount of Night Ggwack, place the mask on the face and remove after 10-20 minutes.

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